The Annual Visite with extra added Bit o’fun

As you can see, it was an absolutely gorgeous day on our flight out from Cleveland towards California for the Annual Visite.  This was the first leg of the trip which had us changing planes at O’hare.  This is Chicago from my window on the plane.  We were then on our way to Portland, OR for the first of our two John stops.

In Portland we stayed with John’s friends, Jim and Amy van Hook. They have an adorable house in the Sellwood area of Portland.  I had not been back to Portland since Joseph and I had lived here, but three winters here helped a lot in the getting around department.

The venue John was speaking at was at a house outside of Portland in a lovely little town called Lake Oswego.  Lots of green and trees, and flowers.  Did I mention that the weather was PERFECT!  Sunny and 50’s almost the entire time we were there.  The hosts of the event are members of A.R.E. , and this was one of their monthly meetings. John spoke eloquently on how to live your life, instead of letting it live you.  The next day and a half was devoted to individual counciling sessions.  We met some really wonderful people, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Monday morning saw us headed back into Lake Oswego for an early lunch with Nick Bunick.  He was the subject of the book The Messengers.  He and John have maintained a relationship since John’s tour promoting the book, he was the subject of, John of Old, John of New.

This was the beginning of our playday that I had scheduled.  Lunch was great, and meeting Nick was fun for me.  Now it was time for Cannon Beach.  This is one of my favorite places on Earth!  I love mountains and ocean, and this is both. I will only post a couple of shots, but the rest of them are here.

We had an awesome time.  Lovely dinner overlooking the ocean, arty shopping with cool woven treasure scored, and sunset at my favorite beach with my favorite guy.  We filled the day with joy, and got it all back in spades. *smile*

Weather blew in while we were at the beach, and Tuesday morning was raining as we got ready for out flight to Sacramento.  Our stay with the van Hook’s was great.  I had never really known Jim well from his days at GARF, but I found their show fun, and this visit with him and his family was filled with laughter, good food, and great conversations.  Thanks!

Our flight to Sacramento was uneventful, though small, and after a slightly frustrating time with the rental car place, we were on our way to nearly a week with Ken and Gail.  I got a call form Gail saying that they were up tp their eyeballs trying to get an order shipped, so if we wanted to amuse ourselves a couple of hours, that would be ‘Great!’  Well in that case… *ring-ring*  “Hello, Kyrana? ”  The Gaffer and the Muse were still in town, so John and I spent a lovely afternoon with them.  Lunch at a Thai place, much conversation, petting of various animals, more conversation, tour of renovations, great coffee and tea, and finally hugs to go!  They are currently having a vacation in New Orleans and other points south and east of CA.

Now, on to the Ranch.  I love spending time here.  Mostly because I get to see Gail for extended periods, which only happens this time of year, but also because we have some really great business talks.  The ‘What are we doing this year’ kind of talks.  Also sprinkled in there was wine tasting, of course, and some really spectacular food.  I do really love to eat.  This trip also introduced John to Gail, which was entertaining all in itself.  She took her role as my surrogate mom very seriously and did a thorough job of grilling John, to make certain he is worthy. *GRIN*  She said he passed.  I am sure my mom was laughing, too.

The next weekend we were headed in to San Jose for the second and final of John Speaking engagements. The was to also be held at the host’s home.  Sheila and Arnold Estep are truly lovely people, and made us feel very welcome.  We also finally got to meet John’s friend Alora in person.  She is utterly adorable.  We had so much fun.  Alora had arranged this venue for John, and then invited us to stay with her.

Sunday morning before we were scheduled to be back at the Estep’s house for the counciling sessions, we tooka drive to San Fransisco.  Ostensibly this was for fabric shopping, but I had misread the website, and they were closed.  I was NOT happy.  We turned the morning around though, and wandered on foot through the shopping district on Market Str. right downtown.

We enjoyed tea and coffee at Peets, lunch in a tiny Thai place, a one room textile museum, and each other’s company as we strolled through the sun and watched the people also enjoying their Sunday morning.

The sessions went well back in San Jose, and we were all treated to dinner at BJ’s by our hosts.  There was decent beer and much laughter that night.

We left at noon the next day to come home.  It had been eleven days with no Kynan or kitties, and we were ready to get back.  It was a successful trip, and we may even duplicate it next year.  Our flights back were easy, and we seem to have landed in Spring.  Spring comes early to the west coast, so we had spent the entire trip seeing blooming trees and bulbs, but OH is still snowbound. Since our landing though, the days have been bright and warm (40’s).  The icicles are finally melting, and the birds are riotous.  Come on, Spring!

I am currently couching gold threads, and setting rhinestones on the O’connor wedding pieces.  On to work, and preparation for the new festival year.  I am looking forward to successful sales, and lots or glorious clothing made.  There is a wedding to pay for after all! *GRIN*

Love to all, cheers!


~ by Kelly on March 8, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip!

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